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Just a Ride

Hi all,

Thought I would share this track with you. Its by Sam Dowden, who I have been collaborating with.

This track seems pretty poignant for me at the moment. Choosing to take risks over practicality. Love over Fear.

I want Shimnix to be built from continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone as I believe this is where I learn the most and start to get closer to my full potential.

I do not take on any film work that does not make me excited and happy to be making film. So if I have made a film for you or am going to be, then your film has really made me happy and fueled my passion.  Thank you.

I continuously say to myself. “If this becomes work, I am quitting!”

Why compromise something that has not even fully fledged.

It is like growing organic vegetables but using the odd pesticide to speed up and ease the process, but what you create is not what you set out to achieve.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I may be a fool for being so stubborn but when I am 50, 70, 80 I want to look back and say yeah I took enough risks, I lived a full life and I did not compromise.

So here is a lovely track to listen to.


Fire Dancers

Here is my film of Joe Loughlin and Tom Carlyon performing with fire at Tapeley Park, as a part of September Special Tapeley Sessions.

I had so much fun filming and editing this film. Other than the odd sparkler this was my first time filming fire and I realise I am a truth moth to the flame.

I have to say that filming performance, movement and editing to music is my favorite type of filming and I really hope to do more!

I hope you enjoy and if you are looking to book such a performance leave a comment for me and I can forward you to the guys.

Hickory Nines

Hickory Nines

Another beautiful evening, another marvelous sunset! I felt honored to film my second sunset in the same week. This time it was at Hickory Nines Cruel & Curious Art Exhibit. What a talent filled evening I shared with the other art lovers. My eyes boggled at all the amazing angles, light, shapes and beautiful curiosities to film. I had an excellent evening and will be editing a short film of the event soon. If you don’t know of Hickory Nines Art society then they are well worth looking up on the web and facebook. I look forward to editing the events footage and next years exhibit.

Tapeley Sessions

Tapeley Sessions

What a beautiful evening filled with fire, music, dance and joy. It was a wonderful experience to film such an event and I am looking forward to this promo. Its great to be involved in such a project. Tapeley Sessions are organised by local etoro music enthusiasts that want to link North Devon to other locations within the UK though the love of music. If you are in the local area (Instow, North Devon) on the last Wednesday of the month then Tapeley Sessions are well worth checking out!

Watch this space for fire dancers and vibrant music.10668800_1559505677603195_480068657916734553_o