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Gypfunk Live at Tapeley

Gypfunk Live at Tapeley




This was such a fun gig to film and was awesome to collaborate with Quercus Studios, who did an awesome job on the sound. I also want to say thanks to Alan Vanstone who helped me on capturing the gig. who Hope you enjoy!






Shimnix Productions Promotional

Shimnix Productions Promotional

Wend Baker and I took a day to film this quirky promotional. We were accompanied by my dog lily who especially liked running around in the woods, whilst me and Wend got on with the filming. I had brought 100 sparklers and I think we got through half. We had sunshine, wind, hale, rain and the temperature was quite cold, so we did well to keep on schedule throughout the day. The hardest moment was when we were huddled, trying to light a sparkler on Instow Beach,  whilst we had 30mph winds relentlessly pounding us. It was a successful day and the sunshine did shine enough to get some good shots.

I hope you enjoy this little film, please do share



Picture 1

Like a Kid in a Toyshop

Like a Kid in a Toyshop

When I am asked to produce something that I have never done before it is like being a kid with a new toy.

The toy is the idea. When you have the toy in front of you have a vehicle for play. Then come the Instructions, usually followed with leaving them in the box whilst you try to work it out yourself. This being usually longer but you have no concept of doing it any other way.

Until you sit down, scratch your head and look at the instructions. Then you think you know exactly how to assemble the toy.

When you go to play with the toy it does not always work, but this is great, the learning, playing, solving bit.

Every time you play with the toy you encounter different ways to play with it, until you realise that your imagination is actually the only limitation.

This is one of the things I love about filming, I get to play everyday.


Organic Mural Time Lapse

Organic Mural Time Lapse

Collaboration with Mel Saggs 7th Pencil (artist) and Luke Brown (musician).
It was wonderful to see the mural grow. I always feel privileged when someone asks me to capture their work, their passion. The music that accompanies the time lapse adds a beautiful atmosphere and is perfect to set the scene as the light fades during an actual storm outside. This is the first time lapse I have ever created, I learnt a lot from the 8ish hours of capturing this progression of work. I really hope it is just the beginning of working along side these two very talented creators.


Picture 17

Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run


At the moment I just can’t run fast enough. In my head it doesn’t matter how much I am doing, how fast my legs are moving, my thoughts chasing, my being doing. Things are just not moving fast enough and I am definitely not doing enough.


But what would be enough?

When I try to know what would be enough, I blank.

So what is my fascination with getting things done, running faster?

Obviously there will be psychological reasons for wanting to get the jobs done, to succeed. Maybe if I have already succeeded then I won’t feel the pressure of not failing? As if I will ever feel that my job is done.

I like to think its not all negative reasons though.

This is a passion and when you have a passion that’s all you think about, your head and heart is full with ideas and positivity and you want to create it all as quickly as you can.

But I know the importance of being still. Letting ideas evolve and form without a forceful hand.

This rush is fun, but only if I don’t feel I am trying to keep up with something that I can’t catch. So I am going to try and hang out with my stillness and also have a few sprints along the way.

And anyway I much prefer dancing to running.


This just got a little bit more serious…Serious in the sense of yay!

This just got a little bit more serious…Serious in the sense of yay!


The roots of the ideas are growing deeper and the branches are spreading. I am hoping this tree blossoms in spring.

In the meantime I will strengthen the foundations, and build from the ground up.

Firstly a huge shout out to Amanda McCormack who is making my website. I also start website training with her next week and I am raring to go, can’t wait to start!

Secondly a massive shout out to Pluss, these guys have supported me from the beginning of this journey and continue to help me.

So what else is going then with Shimnix?

Well I have several films coming up, which I am really excited about.

One musical promo to be launched, a few sessions in the pipe-line and a couple of local business promos along with Shimnix shout outs.

Shimnix Shout Outs, what?

Shimnix Shout Outs are going to be a section on my website for Shimnix films that have an inspirational message to communicate, subjects and people that definitely are worth shouting out about.

The progression of Shimnix is happening faster than I had expected but I am flying and these wings are getting stronger with every beat.


Judith Christie- French Lieutenant’s Woman / Shimnix Sessions

Judith Christie- French Lieutenant’s Woman / Shimnix Sessions

Happy New Year fellow friends.

This is the first ever Shimnix Session. I am supper excited about this particular project and hope it is just the beginning.

I had the pleasure of working with excellent crew members and filming the very talented Judith Christie. I also got to film in Clovelly, where I grew up, adding another wonderful memory to this beautiful location.

Watch in 1080pHD for best quality and sit back, relax whilst you let Judith’s beautiful song, the “French Lieutenant’s Woman” wash over you.


May your new year be filled with many bright sparks and magical music that makes your heart sing.


Picture 2

Age 15

Age 15

Sometimes it is easy to forget how far you have come. When you know there is endless knowledge before you that you can’t even comprehend. The more you learn, the more you know you need to learn. “Practice makes more practice” as my old drumming teacher used to say.

Most days I find it hard to remember how far I have come. Until I catch myself cast my mind back.

One thing I can remember is the feeling of careless play. Experimenting with film, making up my own stories, my own rules and creating something that was without judgement.

I remember being allowed to play with film, ideas and imagination in my A level art. It feels almost now that I had no concept of failure during this time, I am sure this is not true but it is how I remember it and if failure did come into those years then they were not quite as harsh a feeling as I have now.

But what has changed? Why do I feel a weight? I know when I am making films, imagining them, developing them I feel free. But the concept of having business, boy that’s the weight.

So how can I tame or even learn to like this beast, I know as fear.

Well these are a few things I am trying.

Firstly, I remember past daemons I have tamed. How ferocious they once felt and now they have grown soft and calm.

Secondly I remember my passion. Simple.

Thirdly when I hit a stumbling block I think, aha wonderful, now I can really learn something!

And lastly remember you have to fall to learn how to fly. You have to step forward to walk towards a dream.

But maybe I don’t need to walk, Maybe I need to skip…Picture 9

The Night Before…

The Night Before…

When I decided a couple of weeks ago to fly towards an inspiration, I knew I was also flying towards an assault course of challenges.

Why not for my first Shimnix Session?

As I wait for tomorrow’s session I can hear the wind outside and a few ropes of anxiety ties a knot in my stomach.

Why not film outside in winter?

The weather forecast either quietens the rush of nerves or whips them up into waves of panic.

Why not film on the sea?

Peace I say, having a plan B gives me a little calmness.

Hope, failure, fear, if you don’t try you can’t fly.

Why not do a music session with no sound recording equipment, no public liability, no  release forms,  no lights, no location permission and just not enough hands?

I did not think about this a couple of weeks ago! But again you have to start, to know where you need to improve and if I had known I probably would not have even tried.

So now I have everything on that list and even a till ywo minutes ago I did not.

Through organising, determination and allot of help from my friends, their generosity and skill swapping understanding, I am now sat with everything other than the knowledge of the weather.

Maybe this Shimnix needs to fly through a storm to strengthen her wings.

To trust.

To be able to fly towards an inspiration with no regrets and no pre-emptive feelings of failure.

I am so pre-occupied with the sense of falling, that I have almost not realised I have learnt to fly.


Day 1 and how to fly when you are a Shimnix with wire wings

Day 1 and how to fly when you are a Shimnix with wire wings

Yesterday morning I was not going to start this project just yet, not until I got that perfect website, that knowledge that is always expanding, that perfect connection with my self confidence, yesterday morning I was not going to start.

However this morning I decided, after some excellent advice from North Devon Plus, I was going to start.

Shimnix shout out to North Devon Plus, these guys know their sheep from their poodles.

About 2 months ago I got an idea, it was not original, it was not unique but it still was special and you know why? Because the involvement of the individual makes it unique and original.

Today with the help of research and peoples generous advice, I signed up and created this Blog, paid £11 to make it .com…more professional hey? So what you and I have now is a half created Blog, but what will happen is a journey and with every post something magical will have happened.

I have not got money; I have got skills to swap.

So how do you fly with wire wings? Well I guess you have to jump to find out.